Behaviour is a form of communication

 As Richard Ward suggests: “Irrespective of the severity or nature of impairment, a person with dementia will seek out and establish a means of self-expression and thereby make every effort to maintain a relationship with the world they inhabit”.

 What are the people in your care doing that is their way of communicating their inner experience to you? What are they saying to you?

Dealing with difficult behaviour – DVD set

Our latest training set is now available in DVD with a photocopiable workbook for multiple uses. Use it for induction, CNE points (6 points) or to upskill your staff.

Topics include:


1. Working with difficult behaviour

2. Case Study: Beatrice

3. What is behaviour?

4. What motivates human behaviour?

5. Needs-based problem solving

6. Communication


7. Scheduled visiting

8. Assertive responses

9. Limit setting

10.Behavioural consequences

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