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Registered Training Organisation

High quality innovative training to staff and management of aged care

organisations and to individual staff and family caregivers.


22232VIC Diploma of Dementia Care Leadership  

Learn to Use Dementia Care Mapping – 17 – 19th March, 2015

Advanced Dementia Care Mapping or Using DCM for Practice Development – 21st – 23rd April 2015

Learn to use ACFI 6-10 Assessments: accurately and reliably – April 1, 2015

Depression and Suicide in Older Adults  

Depression and Anxiety in older adults

Licenced to deliver the beyondblue PEAC program

Our training is offered in three formats: 

  • In-house sessions from several hours to full-day training designed to meet the unique needs of each aged care staff group or family. Contact Karen Carver on 03 9431 0311
  • Nationally recognised competency-based training
  • Project driven training usually funded by federal or state governments


IN-HOUSE  training topics :

Person centred care (basic) 

Person centred care (advanced): Organisational perspectives 

Working with difficult behaviour 

Sexuality and aged care 

Working with families 

Bullying awareness 

Enhancing mealtimes 

Learn to use ACFI 6-10 assessments reliably and accurately

Learning to use Dementia Care Mapping 

Using Dementia Care Mapping for practice development

Attachment in aged care: building relationships for wellbeing 

Cycles of Change: Practice improvement in aged care 


 BOOKING FORM – Download and fax back

For more information call Karen Carver on 03 9431 0311 or email

Formal Complaint or Appeal Form – Download

Cheating and Plagiarism Policy – Download

8 Responses to “Training”

  1. Michelle Wyatt says:

    Hi Bernie,
    I attend ACFI training a couple on months ago, you spoke of the Behaviour training which was looking to be rolled out. Do you have any more info on this?


    Michelle Wyatt

    • admin says:

      Hi Michelle
      i remember you at the training. Can you contact me on my email and we can discuss the training you refer to. Just not sure which one it is that you are referring to. or

  2. Marita Seamer says:

    I attended the Dementia supplement training and would like to use the Behaviour observation chart and behaviour care plan review documents. Can you please send to me
    Thank you
    Marita Seamer

    • admin says:

      Certainly Marita. Happy to send those to you. They will arrive later today attached to an email to this address.
      Thanks for your interest and best wishes with your work.

  3. Kath says:

    I am interested in the ACFI training.
    Will you be offering it this year

  4. Jennifer Hobbs says:

    Will you be running more ACFI training this year?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jennifer
      Yes we will be running more courses this year. Best to contact the office directly so we can update you about courses local to you. Send us an email to

  5. Phil Cooper says:

    Bernie hi,
    wondering if I could give you a ring, chasing some advice for Mum and Dad re options for supported accomodation. Can you email through your phone number as I seem to have lost it?

    Phil Cooper
    0403 670 881

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