Validation – the key to healthy relationships

Validation theory has been around for a few decades now thanks to the work of Naomi Feil who is featured in the YouTube video in this post among many others.

Check out her work with Mrs Wilson. The transformation of this withdrawn lady is remarkable.

Validation is the respectful acceptance of the emotional and thought reality of each person. We engage in validation when we understand someone else and communicate that understanding successfully to them so they say, “Yep that’s it. That’s how it feels for me!” This is how we need to relate in our relationships at home with those we love, with our colleagues at work, with the people we care for at work, and especially with the people in our care who are unable to communicate their reality in words. We rely on our empathy and compassion to understand their reality. Sometimes its guess work but each time we try we come a little closer to understanding and so being able to respond and provide exactly what they need from us to be OK, to feel wellbeing.

Enjoy the videos of Naomi Feil.