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  1. If we have to rely on volunteers to make a difference there is still a problem in the system. Good Philosophy of care, respect and acknowledgement of staff difficult tasks, efforts and needs of specific trainings as well as respect of the clients are the basis for a good home. If one of these components are missing, the good care and feel in the place could change rapidly. That is what this video reminds me of.

  2. Excellent videos. I too agree that these videos should be made compulsory for all staff members, whether carers, nurses, lifestyle staff & coordinators and , of course, volunteers. At the facility that I work in Melbourne Australia we are fortunate enough to have a great number of volunteers and they make a HUGE impact on the facility. We have volunteers running “coffee shop trips”, bingo, newspaper readings etc. I totally agree that “quality of life” makes a huge difference to our residents and I recon that happiness & wellbeing is just as immportant as good nursing care/practises.I would totally reccommend these videos to everybody. Thank you for the opportunity to view them myself. I am going to pass these on to some of my work collegues and to encourage them to share with others as well. Thank you once again.

  3. I have watched all 3 dvd’s and agree whole heartedlay with Gerry. Care in these facilies was very much about the physical/legal implications rather the providing any pscho/social/leisure therapy and care. The best home briefly showed residents enaged in bingo. In Australia diversional therapy supplied by trained RAO’s or DT’s does occur although staffing levels are a serious problem- again a question of funding. In the UK I dont think there is a profession as such and the work in activities is often done by staff not trained in dementia care or in activities + volunteers do some of this work if you can get them! Having worked as a qualified diversional therapist for many years with clients who have dementia I know with a good leisure program based the concept of person centred care a facility can be a place of love and joy for its clients. These videos should be compulsory veiwing for care staff in the aged care industry. I was very moved.

  4. I am excited with Gerry Robinson’s mission. He hit it on the nail when he said that care should be a priority in Dementia care facilities. Time and again we see facilities understaffed and staff not trained. Some unable to even speak English. So all that we are hearing from this Episode is known and unfortunately have to be accepted by us who work in the aged care industry. I would love to see a change in the care. Thank you for sending me these clips.

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