Queensland Floods Crisis

A note of support and concern for all our friends living in the flood affected areas of Queensland. We know many of you will be struggling with your own homes and families affected and also trying to be there for the elders you are caring for who may also be located on flooded areas.

We are thinking of you all and ready to support in any way we can.

Know your distressing situation touches us all.

We wish you speedy recovery to normal life but know it will take months and years for many.

The trauma of this will, like the bushfires of 2009 in Victoria, take tens of years to recover from. Many will be changed by it for the rest of their lives.

You can find out more about how to deal with natural disaster trauma at www.psychology.org.au, the website of the Australian Psychological Society. There is information on how to recognise that you are having a “more than usual reaction” to what is happening, how to communicate well with children about such traumatic events as well as good information for you both for coping now and in the future.

If you are able tell us of your situation.

with best wishes


1 thought on “Queensland Floods Crisis

  1. Bernie,
    I am in South Africa visiting family(they have other family living in Queensland but so far not affected personally by the floods) we check the internet each day to keep up with what is happening there, here in some of the townships also flooded in the last month and now Brazil! I hope that Melbourne is getting some rain (but certainly not what the other places are getting!) return to work in 10 days,

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