Service Level Agreement Available Gcp

During the term of the agreement by which Google has agreed to make the Google Cloud Platform available to Customer (if applicable, the “Agreement”), the Covered Service provides a monthly uptime percentage as follows (“Service Level Objective” or “SLO”): “Service(s)” means Enterprise Cloud Services 2.0, an enterprise-class infrastructure such as a service provided by the Company via the Internet to Customer. The platform is orchestrated via software and consists of servers, storage and network elements coupled with virtualization technology and operating software. “Unavailable” and “unavailable” means a service failure identified by one or more solution monitors. A critical incident is defined as the software product that is not available to all customers or a software product incident that negatively impacts the customer`s revenue. 3.2.1 Available time and unavailable time are counted by measurements defined by the company on the basis of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). “Covered Service” means the following authentication services provided to a client application as part of the Identity Platform: (i) email and password logins and (ii) updating an existing authentication Web JSON Identifier (“JWT”). Default support does not include the provision of personalized advice or consulting services. It also doesn`t cover problems caused by your system administrator, such as.B. Your accidental or accidental destruction of your own data or a case of force majeure. To obtain any of the financial assets described above, Customer must notify Google Technical Support within thirty days of the date on which Customer is entitled to obtain financial credit. Customer must also provide Google with server protocol files indicating the loss of external connection errors and the date and time when these errors appeared.

If the customer does not meet these requirements, the customer loses his right to obtain financial credit. In the event of a dispute regarding this SLA, Google will make a good faith decision based on its system protocols, monitoring reports, configuration records, and other available information that Google makes available for review by Customer at Customer`s request. . . .

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