Hold Harmless Agreement Traduzione

You are responsible for compensating and compensating DS SolidWorks and its subsidiaries, related companies, executives and employees of and against all claims, actions or actions arising from your use of the Software and/or your documentation or violation of this Agreement. By accessing the Site, you undertake to retain, protect and defend tod`s, its subsidiaries and affiliates, employees, directors and shareholders, against any claims of third parties, damages, losses, costs, costs (including legal and legal costs that are reasonably sustainable) arising from your use of the Site or in connection with the website in question. PARA defends, compensates and maintains SUN compensation against all claims, deeds, costs and liability; resulting from a violation, infringement or misappropriation of patents, copyrights, trademarks or other property rights, whether domestic or foreign, when using, leasing, importing and/or selling partial or partial literature (except to the extent developed by SUN) or part of it (including software), contracting parties often add unleased clauses to their contracts to protect their companies from possible liability. For example, a contractor who has been tasked with adding a bridge to a private home may add the clause to avoid prosecution if a violation occurs later on the bridge. The owner of the building, on the other hand, can add a non-detention clause to avoid legal action when the contractor suffers a violation during the work. If you use our services on behalf of a company, that company agrees to these conditions. It compensates Google and its affiliates, executives, representatives and employees and compensates for claims, lawsuits or proceedings arising from the use or violation of these conditions, including any liability or any costs resulting from claims, losses, damages, judgments, legal fees and legal fees. Companies that offer high-risk activities, such as. B skydiving, often use a non-detention clause.

Although this is not an absolute guarantee, it indicates that the client has identified certain risks and agreed to take them. This retention clause may take the form of a letter. 6.2 The charterer maintains the supplier unscathed and compensates all claims, claims, commitments, deeds, procedures and costs of any kind resulting from a delay by the charterer or a passenger of the charterer in accordance with one of the provisions of this Agreement.

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