Person centred care DVD set NEW!

The person centred approach to the care of people living with dementia is now ‘best-practice’. Valuing people regardless of disability, tailoring an individualised approach with respect for the person’s preferences and supporting the social dimension of each person are the cornerstones of this person centred approach.

You can view this DVD/CD set in a flexible way individually or in a group, at home or at work. There is a workbook for those who wish to apply for CNE points or if you just want to improve your skills.

DVD One: 1. What is dementia? 2. Person centred dementia care 3. The enriched model of dementia 4. Five fundamental needs

DVD Two: 5. Behaviours of concern 6. Positive and Negative Staff Care Actions 7. Needs-based Problem Solving

Audio CD: All seven sessions are included in MP3 format for flexible listening on the move.

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