Share Purchase Agreement Fema

In the event of a transfer of shares between residents and non-residents, the FEMA Regulation only provides for the collection of the valuation notice from a registered sebi merchant banker, a practising chartered accountant or a practising accountant in the case of an unlisted Indian company. However, it is not specified who must obtain the assessment opinion. Consequently, the valuation report is, in practice, collected either by the beneficiary of the hantidification, by the buyer, or by mutual agreement. Sir, if a foreigner holding shares in a private company contributed capital to the company, e-firc was not issued by AD Bank to the company`s bank account for various reasons. Can this person transfer shares to an OIC by receiving a payment in the United States by transfer from the OIC NRE account to the overseas bank account? Can Sh-4 be exported to the United States both abroad and through the OIC? Details of secondary market sales/purchases by MFIs and MFIs in these instruments on the floor of the Exchange must be notified to the Reserve Bank by the custodian banks or authorized trading banks designated through the soft copy of forms LEC (FII) and LEC (NRI). The price of the transfer of shares between a person established in India to a person established outside India is guaranteed by the valuation notice of Chartered Accountant or a sebi registered Merchant Banker or a practicing cost accountant. However, in the case of a publicly traded company, this is elaborated in accordance with the relevant guidelines of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Cher Sir, the shares of the foreign company are held by the Indian company, and now the Indian company wants to sell these shares to Foreign National. Is the FCGPR necessary? Any person residing outside India (excluding the ANI or the former OCB) may transfer the shares/bonds convertible in full and compulsorily by donation to any person residing outside India (including INIs, but with the exception of OCBs). (c) Indian companies are required to report the terms of receipt of the amount of the counterparty for the issuance of convertible shares/bonds through a Class AD – I bank, accompanied by a copy of the FIRC/s which attest to the receipt of the transfer, as well as the KYC report on the non-resident investor with the foreign bank transferring the amount. The report would be recognized by the relevant regional office, which will enter a unique identification number (UIN) for the amount declared. Sir can buy a foreign company 100% shares in a start-up in port & navigation, where 100% FDI is allowed. FEMA rules only talk about the issuance of shares in non-resident companies….

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