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Yvonne Jackson is a Australian aged care nurse living in Fiji where her husband is working for two years. She writes of aged care in Fiji:

Last week I was one of four women from the Corona Women’s Charity who visited the Father Law Home situated just outside Suva. We provided morning tea and $300 of groceries and donations from local companies which included adult diapers and frozen chickens. The Corona ladies try and visit every 3mths.

The reception was very welcoming with the residents and staff coming to say hello with their lovely big smiles. The morning tea was followed by Bob and other residents entertaining us with a few songs.

The elderly in Fiji are traditionally cared for by their families and the community, but like the Western world, people move leaving the elderly behind so care is needed. Suva has three age care facilities; the other two are ‘pay as you stay’. Father Law Home is free to residents therefore totally dependent on charities. This is typical of most health care facilities in Fiji, they are all trying to providing the best care they can with few resources they have.

We must accept that Fiji is a third world country, the elderly are not neglected but the money is just not there. Father Law Home was built in 1955. It is home for 25 men and women of mixed cultures who are cared for by 3 nuns and 8 paid staff, which include 2 cleaners and a cook.

We walked into an open covered area between the kitchen and the lounge/dinning, room where we were to have morning tea. Further along are the toilets, bathrooms and laundry. The bedrooms are 2 to 4 bedded and recently several of the small, men’s bedrooms, have been knocked onto one large shared room resulting in a reduction of privacy but let in a lot more light and air. Everyone agreed it is a great improvement.

Sister proudly showed me the lounge/dinning room. Her nephew came to stay with her and paid for the floor to be tiled (the torn lino and carpets removed), he painted the walls and replaced the 3 broken fans. A little goes a long way in Fiji.

The government provides free medical care, regular dental, eye checks and free burials. Father Law home has to pay their own electric, gas and water rates. They are dependant on grants, donations and charities. Residents do not pay but 3 families do donate approx. $200 a month. When I asked about their income I was given a long list of donations all small and all different but which together pay for the residents care. For example recently 2 local companies donated fish and chicken otherwise their diet is vegetarian (Father Law Home has a large chest freezer). Rotary are in the process of fitting water tanks (mains water supply is not dependable) and Corona want to replace the old broken toilets and showers but was told they work and we were asked if we could start with the fly screens which don’t work.

This is normal for most caring facilities in Fiji with little money available the needs are great. The list of organisations asking for help are endless, what we do is a drop in the ocean but we hope all those drops together make a difference.

Yvonne Jackson Fiji

If you can help with towels, sheets, pillow cases and light blankets etc., (even second hand) these items can be sent to Father Law Hom in Fiji. Contact the manager Veronica Mulu <> to arrange it.

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  1. Bula Vinaka.I was just going through the net on Health care,and came upon this exchange of emails in response to an initial email from a kind soul who use to reside in Fiji.
    My name is Mere,and am a registered nurse by profession.
    Ive resigned in 2009 and have done worked for charity organizations,and resorts in the western Division as a resort nurse.
    After returning from Melbourne in a Geriatric training and attachment at Bays water nursing facility,Ive always had this dream to start a nursing home.Two years back,I sat with a group of nursing friends who had really supported the idea.
    We have worked individually and served members of the public on a private nursing basis.Last month,I was contemplating the thought of establishing a home again,but the question often raised is… there a need for a nursing home?Would people pay to have their loved ones taken care of by passionate and loving nurses who would have the aged interests in their care at heart?I am happy that I definitely saw a need of a few on this page.Be happy if there were more feedback,and advice from you.

    • Hello Mereia
      My apologies for not responding sooner. I have no knowledge of the need for a nursing home in Fiji. I wish you well there and hope it is a success if you try.
      best wishes

  2. Hi I have an 87 year old mum she leaves in Ba with the family friend she is mobile at her own pace . She has no interaction, verbally abused ,has problems with her meals and gets very anxious & no one to share with. She has hearing impairments I am her daughter I live in Australia with my family & I visit her once a year due to my husband’s health condition.. I really appreciate if you can please help my mum in this situation.. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    • Hello Linda
      I no longer have any contact with Yvonne who wrote this piece and I live in Australia and have no contact with anyone in Fiji. However, you may find the details of a carer who commented on this blog entry listed among the comments. Her name is Danielle and she has left her contact details in her comment. Try there. I hope you have some luck. Bernie

  3. Desperately looking for a Rest Home or Nursing home for my sister in law in either Nadi or Suva. She has early onset of Dementia/Alzhiemers. Can any one help with recommendations. We have family there that could research for us.

    • Sorry Donna. I can’t help as I do not have any contact with Fiji. The lady who wrote this blog is no longer living there. Apologies.

    • Hi, looking for a low level residential care for a elderly lady,no close family members residing in Fiji….can someone be kind enough to give me some info…Thanks

  4. Hi
    I need a aged care facility for my aged mother in Fiji.could you make some suggestions as to who I could contact.we will pay for her care.


    • Hi Danielle
      I got my parents living in Rakaraki. They need support ie a livein housemate plus who can look after our farm as well. Have you got someone reliable then please let me know. Thanks.

  5. Hi I am currently living here with my husband and children. I am an a personal Carer for the elderly. I have worked in aged care for 7 years. I have a certificate 3 in aged care, certificate 3 in home and community care, I have a level 2 in first aid, certifcate in falls risk assessment, certificate in elder abuse, certificate in medication, certificate in palliative approach. I have worked in low care, high care, dementia care and palliative care. So please give me a call or email me if you are looking for a Carer then please contact me. Danielle 9301380

    • Hi,
      I am looking for a carer/ agency for a client coming to Nadi Fiji on holiday. Any assistance of where to contact would be most appreciated.
      Occupational Therapist

      • My apologies Danielle. My contacts in Fiji have left there some time ago and I am not familiar with Fijian services. Best to go through government services perhaps as a starting point but you have probably tried that already.

        best wishes

  6. Dayawanti’s email is .Please forward any information about a carer for my mum living in Suva, Fiji. Sorry for not providing my email with the first reply.

  7. Iam looking for a carer in Suva, Fiji,for my mum in Suva. Please contact me on my email or my phone number 07 55 446859 regarding any information.

  8. My Aunty was Father Hew Law’s housekeeper for 40years, she is 89 this year and misses her dear friend very much, as do we all. I was honoured to live in the Presbytery along with my cousin for sometime before going to boarding school. Father Law was a hard working, beautiful, amazing gentleman and very much loved by the whole of my huge family along with his parishioners. I would dearly love to view what he has done in Navua Fiji first hand and then help in some small way to continue what he has done in appreciation in his name, kind regards Rosemary.

  9. Hello

    I was wondering if you could assist me in any way possible. I am a Registered Nurse currently living in New Zealand.I have had 5 years experience in aged care and dementia and would love the opportunity to work and live in fiji.

    How do i go about applying for such work in your country.? My passion is with the elderly although i am open and always willing to learn new skills in order tyo enhance my learning abilities, knowledge and nursing skills.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.You may email me at the above address.Thanking you.

    Yours kindly
    Rosie Tinsley.

    • Hello Rosie,
      There are only 3 residential homes for the elderly in Suva. It is very basic nevertheless I am sure Fiji will welcome you in open arms. You need to apply for registration in Fiji to work as nurse.
      Good luck,

  10. Bula Father Law Home,

    Our Fiji Catholic group in Brisbane donated 13 hospital Beds and other Cleaning equipments (a 20ft container full of stuffs) to the home last November 2011. We have not heard anything from the home still. Can you please send us photos of the beds so we know that it is being put to good use. Can we also get a thank you letter which I will pass to the St Andrews hospital and also to motivate our members and maybe…maybe can assist the home again in not to distance future.


    • Hello Jale
      Thanks for your comment. We are not directly connected to Father Law Home but I have the email address of the person in charge who you could talk to. I imagine you must already have some communication with them to have sent a container to them so a direct contact would be best.

      best wishes

      • Bula Bernie,

        Thanks for the reply. Our contact at Father Law home that we spoke to about the beds was Sisiter Veronica, but she is no longer there. Can you send me the email address of the person in charge. At least some photos and thank you letter is all we ask for.


  11. Hello To whome this may concern.
    I am inquering some information regarding old age care.
    I would like to know where is these fathers home located in Fiji. I my self is from fiji my aged parents still live there. I am in desparaite needs for my father. I live in Canada presently and would like some information.My father is 70+ yrs old and my mum is just as old and is not capable of looking after him anymore.
    My both parents live in Lautoka Fiji and i woild really appreciate if you can help.
    Please repply soon
    Rina Khatri.

    • Hello Rina
      I can put you in touch with Yvonne who originally wrote the piece on Fiji aged care. Send me an email to and I will give you Yvonne’s email.

      • Hello Bernie,am following to email from March which you reaplayed to me. So i would like to get in touch with Yvonne who wrote the piece on fiji aged care.

        I am looking forword to hear from her.
        Thank you.
        R khatri.

        • Hello Bernie, i am contacting you in regards of my inqueres how ever i would like you to get me in touch with Yvonne email or possibly phone number. Please reaply soon.Thank you.

      • Hello Bernie, i am following your email from march 28. Yes put me in touch with Yvonne’s email or possibly phone number. I would appreciate your reaple. Or if you can help with addmition for age care for my father.

  12. Hi.

    Could you please direct me in right direction for a full time stay care for my mother who is 80+ years old.


  13. Thanks for your thoughts Lindsay, rather than raising your concerns from overseas, which is not necessary, the best way anyone can help would be by donating linen, towels etc. Yvonne

  14. Bernie,
    A great article on aged care in Fiji. I see that things have not changed that much since my days of working in the sixties in Fiji. I still have many contacts and am following up on some points raised in Yvonne’s article. As an aged care consultant and former CEO and having knowledge of the many challenges in Fiji I will be raising some matters with people who have contact and knowledge at a very high level of aged and community care matters. LIndsay.

  15. That’s very thoughtful Marg. I will pass this on to Yvonne. However, it may also be effective to email the nursing home directly and establish communication with them before you leave. The email address is at the bottom of the blog post.

  16. I am a nurse in an Aged Care facility in Australia.
    I have family living in RakiRaki and will be visiting them in April.
    I would feel very privileged if i were able to come and visit the residents at Father Law Home if that was considered appropriate and if they gave permission.I start my leave this Friday 8th April and will be in Fiji from the 12th for 4 weeks.A contact number for me would be the RakiRaki Hotel where the manager is a relative.Look forward to hearing from you.

  17. Hello Sneh
    I have been told that if you wish to explore the placement of your father with Father Law Home you would need to obtain an application form from the home. You can contact them via Veronica Mulu by email on
    I hope this helps with your difficult situation.
    best wishes

  18. To whom it may concern

    Could you please direct me in right direction for a full time stay care for my father who is 70+ years old and is completely blind from diabetes and losing his mind, and my mum is just as old and she is not capable of looking after my father anymore.

    My both parents live in Navua Fiji and I would really appreciated if you can help

    Best Regards

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