Exercise and anger

A recent study of mood (http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/11/phys-ed-can-exercise-moderate-anger/)  has shown that exercise has the effect of controlling anger in young men who are chronically angry. These men were better able to moderate their anger after engaging in exercise. It had been known that exercise affected mood but it was not known if anger specifically could be affected by exercise. This University of Georgia study explored the effects of bicycle exercise on the anger levels of young men who viewed pictures designed to provoke anger. The exercise helped them to control the levels of anger that were much higher when they did not exercise.

What are the implications of this study for people with dementia who become angry quickly and often? Does this mean that regular exercise activity may assist people with dementia to be more moderate in their angry expression. Certainly it makes more sense to provide exercise opportunities for its benefit on bone density, muscles strength and mood generally. Now it is also suggested that regular (even daily) exercise might be a valuable part of their daily life. Supervised bike exercise may be possible for some.

Worth thinking about.