Counterpart To Operating Agreement

The seller wants to sell to the buyer at a total purchase price, as shown on the German signature page, and the buyer wants to buy from the seller at a total purchase price, as shown on the counter-indicated signature page. The purchase price of the common share is the amount indicated by the other party, which must be paid at the time of payment and delivery of the common share. A dated and fully executed enterprise agreement and the matching signature page (attached). Cresskill, New Jersey 07626 VOTING AGREEMENT Signature Page IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the signed shareholder signed this agreement or had it signed by its respective officers or by any other authorized person duly authorized at the time of the first writing. In addition, the enterprise agreement contains assurances and guarantees from the potential investor on which the executive relies to meet his obligations under the current enterprise agreement and the signature page (adverse) to ensure accuracy and completeness.

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