Can anyone fix dementia care?

Have a look at this video of Sir Gerry Robinson made by the BBC. He is a business man who specialises in turning around businesses from failure to success. He looks at what can be done in dementia care in two homes in the UK.

What he finds makes you want to throw your head back and wail in frustration and sadness.

Yet, he finds some signs of hope. The BBC series is broken up into several 15 minute pieces in these video clips telling the story of his journey.

This video is the first of several I will link to in a series of posts over next few days. This will be well worth your time just to see what is being done and what can be done.

Let me know what you think. What is happening in your place? What grabs your attention?

6 thoughts on “Can anyone fix dementia care?

  1. wow.. this is so confronting… this is what its like behind closed doors in many facilities in australia.
    Those of us who try to make things change are pushed out… we arent valued… made to feel like we are trouble makers and not onside with management.
    the care workers with a heart for this are made to feel second rate and shit stirrers
    Thank you for high lighting the pathetic attitude to our wonderful veterans..
    my prayer is for them to be treated with dignity and the respect that they deserve..
    i left aged care… I couldnt sleep straight at night
    as much as i loved the potential… my dreams were shattered by management.. and it wasnt private… it was so called no for profit

  2. I found this brilliant viewing, I would like to see this complete series & feel that the staff at BCS would benefit greatly from watching it. I feel that some staff would find it quite confronting, but beneficial. As i feel Age Care isn’t just a job but a way of life, and it should be “Quality of Life”.

  3. I am looking forward to watching the series of information sections on dementia. I am dealing with related issues everyday. All I can learn will be precious to me. However I am sorry I am late joining in. I am not sure whether it is related to being late but tonight I cannot watch this video. I will go to the other messages and try again later. If you could help me I would really appreciate.
    Thank you in advance,

  4. What an incredible video – and how sad – and true. I loved the comment at the end by the manager relating to ‘behaviours’ at 4pm. “I’ve been here all day doing nothing, and I have had it”. A good explanation of what we used to call Sundowning.

    His comment on a lovely day outside and no-one out there enjoying it. Why? Staff are indoors doing bloody bookwork – that’s the reality.

    People ‘being kept alive rather than helping them to live’ – insightful and so true.

    Care staff are being better valued I think, but its a slow process and must happen from the top down.

    Thank you for forwarding this on, we all need jolting and reminding of the reality of life in care.

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