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BMAC Education is committed to the psychological wellbeing of our elders.

We use the most up to date scientific evidence for quality care and adult learning in designing best practice interventions and educational experiences for staff and managers. Clinical psychologist Bernie McCarthy designs and delivers training focusing on equipping participants with the insight, skills and strategies to deliver high quality care to the elderly in residential, community and hospital settings.

Learn to use the ACFI 6-10 assessments – reliably and accurately

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The ACFI assessment tools require reliable and accurate administration to avoid inflated and missed claims. Even the behaviour charting involves new ways of thinking. This full day course provides training in the skilled administration of ACFI assessment tools so you can obtain accurate and trustworthy data for the ACFI.

  • ACFI 6 – Cognitive Skills – Psychogeriatric Assessment Scale (PAS)
  • ACFI 7, 8 & 9 – Wandering, Verbal & Physical Behaviour
  • ACFI 10 – Depression – Cornell Scale for Depression.
  • Live or video demonstration of interviews with older adults.


Dementia Care Mapping

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Bernie McCarthy is a licensed trainer in DCMTM and provides training in DCMTM throughout Australia.

DCMTM is the parent tool from which the SOFI-2 (used by the Aged Care Quality Agency Australia in the accreditation process) is derived.

Evaluate and improve the quality of dementia care in your aged care facility with this unique evidence based tool. DCMTM is a method designed to evaluate quality of care from the perspective of the person with dementia. It is used in aged care facilities and is based on the philosophy of person-centred care, which promotes a holistic approach to care that upholds the personhood of the one with dementia.

The process of using DCMTM involves observing a number of people with dementia over a period of time and recording information about their experience of care, analysing and interpreting the data and then feeding it back to staff. This information is then used to draw up an action plan to bring about change and improvements to the wellbeing of the people observed.

Training to use DCMTM is a 3-day course which licences the user to map in their own facility. A further 3-day course is recommended for leaders of mapping in organisations.


Responding to difficult situations in aged care

This one day course introduces a modern understanding of the person, behaviour, social and physical factors that influence behaviour, and how to respond in a way that builds trust and enjoyment for all people involved in the care environment. Participants should be involved directly in caring roles.

Or talk to us to design a training program suited to your needs.

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